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Hi, I am Maria. I am the lady on the banner above five weeks after my breast cancer surgery and two weeks before starting chemotherapy. As soon as I realised how beneficial climbing was, my climbing fellows and I detected an opportunity to raise awareness about cancer and mental health as well as help people get through it without losing their hope, motivation, and confidence. It is hard, very hard, to keep going without getting lost. Physical exercises are good, however, it is hard to keep your motivation up if you feel alone.

As I say, I am lucky to be a climber. Climbing is an amazing activity. It helps both clear the mind and strengthen the body and vice versa! We would like to introduce women to climbing as a nice alternative to traditional physical therapies and encourage them to take on climbing and enjoy making new friends whilst exercising mind and body.

This project is focused on helping anyone approach climbing and enjoy it. We are not climbing instructors but really want to encourage you to give it a go.

Now, if you would like to do so, here is a site that will help you get started. 





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 In collaboration with 

Rockstar Climbing Centre, Swindon

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