Climbing? Give it a go with … a free mentoring session!

Climbing is getting popular. Steadily. It has made it into the Olympics, new climbing gyms are opening nationwide, and it is an attractive and shiny novelty. Climbing used to be a lifestyle. It has now become a fashionable sport, too. There are large gleaming facilities with colourful kids areas and coffee shops to go to. I mean, there is no excuse not to!

There is no doubt that sport climbing offers numerous benefits. It helps both clear the mind and strengthen the body and vice versa, which is a great reason to give it a go even if you are actually more interested in showing off on social media. By the way, climbing pictures are truly impressive and you only need a little help to look professional on them.

No matter what your motivation is (no judgements, I promise), we would like to help you get into climbing. This is our New Year's resolution and thanks to our collaboration with Rockstar Climbing Centre in Swindon, the project will start on February 5th. 

The Climb for Health mentors, Sarah and I, are teaming up with Rockstar to provide you with the opportunity to have a one and half hours of free support during your standard climbing session. Our mentoring sessions are novice-climber friendly and suitable for complete beginners. Check out the dates available on and join us to see how you can benefit physically, mentally, and socially from climbing.

Warning: Climbing is highly addictive!

Disclaimer: It is not our fault. 

PS: At least not entirely. 

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