Everything is figureoutable

COVID is a major impediment to climbing and bouldering outside our social bubbles. With social distancing now fully implemented into our lives, it seems nearly impossible to carry on our mentoring sessions. Or so we thought.

I have a favourite quote. Actually, I have two favourite quotes although Niels Bohr's Prediction is very difficult, especially about the future is not relevant to my point. The one I am looking for is Muhammad Ali's Impossible is nothing.

So, we have very conveniently embraced it as a working hypothesis as well as a basis for figuring out how to get back to our mentoring sessions. We came up with a simple solution.

We intend on creating a series of shorts videos for you. Ysabelle and I shall climb the same route. As each of us has a different technique, you can compare both styles and make a choice on which elements work better for you.

Follow us on youtube for more videos and modest technique tips.

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