Breast cancer surgery is no impediment to climbing

Updated: Jan 18, 2020

My name is Maria. I am 47, I am happily married, I have a great job, and I enjoy an awesome life with my friends and family.

Despite being diagnosed with breast cancer, I shall never write the sentence above in the past tense because thanks to also being a climber, I realised that there was something to keep me afloat when I was told I had a lump.

I would very much like to raise awareness about breast cancer and help women get through it without loosing their hope, motivation, and confidence. It is hard, very hard, to keep going without getting lost. Physical exercises are good, however, it is hard to keep your motivation up if you feel alone.

As I say, I am lucky to be a climber. Climbing is an amazing activity. It helps both clear the mind and strengthen the body and vice versa!

This is a picture of me merely five weeks after my double surgery. And please believe me when I say that with all thirteen lymph nodes removed, I woke up from general anaesthetic and raised my arm up.

I know that I can help women and have already asked my fellow climbers to help. I shall work relentlessly to promote climbing as a nice alternative to traditional physical therapies and encourage women to take on climbing and enjoy making new friends whilst exercising mind and body.

In two weeks time I will be given chemotherapy for nearly half a year, hormonal therapy to induce me into artificial menopause because my cancer is oestrogen sensitive, and radio therapy to make sure my breast cancer is gone. Those are invasive, life-changing therapies. My friends and I plan on showing people that no matter how hard it might be, there is always a way to cope and enjoy a normal life.

Last and yet most importantly, I would appreciate your help. Please spread the word amongst your friends and let them know there is a group of ladies willing to help with advice on how to get started in climbing. After all, 2020 is the year that climbing finally makes it into the Olympics.

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