What do standard climbing outfits look like?

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

Murky, often muddy.

A couple of months ago while bouldering indoors in my club in Swindon, I came across two young lads sporting apparently expensive fingerless gloves. To my amazement, they jumped onto the bouldering wall with their gloves on. It is good practice to assess fellow climbers' performance and suggest any possibilities for improvement. I suggested that they should consider taking their gloves off, which they did and as a result improved their bouldering straightaway.

My point is, that before rushing into buying gear or supposedly appropriate climbing outfits, you might like to consider using those old items you have put away and almost forgotten about. You would look much more like a climber wearing these old items than sporting some brand new and spotless climbing trousers.

Practising sport climbing does not require special clothing. Anything that allows you to move freely would do. If you feel comfortable with your yoga-fashioned style, that is fine. If you would rather wear something loose, please go for it. Just make sure it is not way too loose. It may get hooked on a hold.

No matter what style you decide to go with, please be mindful of the fact that a couple of minutes into your first climb you will be covered head to toe with chalk and you definitely won't be looking your best!

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