I would like to give it a go. How do I get started?

Updated: Nov 16, 2019

Congratulations! You have just made one of the best decisions a lady beating breast cancer may ever make. Now, please hold the idea and let me help you turn it into a reality.

Sport climbing may sound like a crazy thing to do and there is no doubt that it takes courage. It is however the best crazy thing that one could do. Most importantly, it is not too complicated to get started with. You do not even need an actual rock or all that expensive equipment that experienced climbers use.

Did you know that in the UK, there are over 300 public access climbing walls listed within the BMC wall directory and there are further climbing walls in schools, gyms and those used by the military? According to the UKC figures, each year there are currently approximately 5 million climbing wall users in the UK.

There are three different climbing styles. Some people prefer bouldering, others go for top-rope and eventually learn how to lead. All three styles can be practised indoor. All you need is to find a climbing centre near you. A most reliable way to find a climbing facility would be using the UKC website. The tab Directory deploys all options, so you just click on Find Climbing Wall to list all facilities near your location.

Take your time and visit the facilities' websites. Most centres organise social events such as First Climb, Family Climb, Social Night and my very favourite; Ladies Night. It is worth approaching climbing through a social event. It would help you quickly integrate into the community and feel safe, appreciated, and truly supported. Climbing is more than just a workout activity, it is an attitude.

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