Mysteries of Indoor Climbing: Endurance Circuits

Indoor climbing facilities may not always be quite alike. It is astonishing how creative route designers are. No matter how little space there might be, challenging routes could be set up. One of the tiniest bouldering gyms I have ever seen is located in Chisinau, Moldova. Despite the challenges, two young climbers have converted a two-bedroom flat into a bouldering gym and welcome everyone with a huge smile and great enthusiasm.

However, limited space facilities should be avoided if you are yet to be considered a more experienced climber. Because of the little space available, those tend to have fewer routes for beginners. Getting frustrated on a first ascend is seldom a satisfying experience.

Climbing should be fun, so a much easier way to enjoy it is to make the right choice of gym.

There is no right or wrong way to start climbing. Some prefer ropes, and others go for bouldering. Although both bouldering and climbing are achievable with brute force, they are surely much more enjoyable and less challenging with technique.

So, if you have already been climbing or bouldering for a few sessions, you have been watching how people climb, have also asked for help, and your skin has peeled off at least once; you might like to consider your first endurance circuit.

Now, endurance circuits sound challenging. Indeed they are. If bouldering problems usually have up to ten moves, some circuits may have fifty. They are, however, a good exercise to improve technique. And if your gym does have an endurance wall, select the lowest level and give it a try.

Endurance circuits are designed to train your ability to climb consistently throughout all moves until the exercise is completed. It is unlikely that brute force could help you get through that many moves; therefore, you should focus on the moves rather than finishing the circuit. By when you can complete the circuit, your technique would have considerably improved.

So, if you feel like doing it, select the lowest level, watch your feet, keep your body low, extend your arms, and do not rush it. Here goes an example of how to approach an endurance circuit.

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