PICC line and climbing

This is a post for those of you, who like me, are in chemotherapy and have their PICC line in. We have been told two things. In the first place that sports help overcome the effects of the therapy and, second, that swimming, golf, and tennis are not suitable sports. 

How about climbing? Although sport climbing efforts are considered to be 80% leg-based, which they are, I strongly advise against bouldering. Bouldering routes are short and you certainly will find loads of easy ones to climb up using only one arm if needed in you climbing gym. However, climbing down does take both arms to help you land safely on the mat. 

That, however, should not be too much of a concern in top-rope climbing. You can always climb half wall up or even less and your belayer will bring you safely and gently down as soon as you ask them to. 

Climbing is a fantastic activity. It helps me fight cancer and the therapy side effects, as well. I enjoy climbing, chatting, and having a cuppa with my friends. If you too are looking for a sport that will help you, you may like to consider climbing. 

To summarise, climbing is an adventure sport, therefore we need to take some precautions in case of having a PICC line in. Please do not boulder. For your own safety and your partner’s, you should not belay them either. Put on your harness, climb a little, come down safe, and enjoy a chat with your friends.

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